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  Blueberry Varities      

We love blueberries! So much that we bring in almost 30 varieties of Blueberries every year. Here's a current list of our available Blueberries.

Blueberry Varities

Very Late. New variety, one of the latest ripening. Selected for its large berry and improved sweet-tangy flavor this variety will extend your harvest well into September! A little more spreading than erect, 5-6’ tall.

Bluecrop: Mid season. Bluecrop is perhaps the most widely planted variety in the U.S. A reliable producer of large high quality fruit of classic sweet blueberry flavor. 4-6’ tall, upright open habit.

Blueray: Midseason. An old favorite. This variety is a heavy producer of high quality large, powder blue berries that have an outstanding dessert flavor. Performs well in areas with hot summers and very cold winters. Stunning rosy pink flowers fade to a bright white in full bloom. This upright and open growing bush can reach 5 feet.

Brigitta: Late. Fresh from Australia. This variety yields one of the highest quality berries available. The large, light blue berries are perfectly balanced between sweet, yet slightly tart flavor with a firm, crisp texture. Brigitta blueberries store well, maintaining their texture and flavor for over a month in the refrigerator. The slightly spreading bush is a fast grower to 4-5’ tall, with deep green foliage and bronze tinted new growth.

Chandler: Mid to late season. Delicious cherry-sized berries ripen over a period of six weeks. Not only is the fruit enormous, but it has delicious flavor to boot. The vigorous shrub has a slightly spreading habit, growing to 5-6’ tall, spreading slightly wider. Large glossy green leaves turn orange and yellow in the fall. Particular about soil types, Chandler requires well drained sandy loam with lots of organic matter.

Chippewa: Midseason. Large, very light blue fruit with an excellent sweet flavor yielding an average of 4-7 pounds of berries when bushes are mature. An introduction from Minnesota, very cold hardy.

Darrow: Late. This variety produces one of the largest blueberries of all, with some actually reaching half-dollar size! The slightly flat, light blue fruit has a delightful robust flavor to go with its robust size. Little surprise that the bush is vigorous as well, reaching 5-6’ tall, and 4’ wide. Good red orange fall colored leaves.

Draper: Mid-season. A newer variety fast becoming one of the favorites of u-pick farms! Ripening is concentrated for easier picking and processing. Large yields of crisp, sweet-flavored light blue berries are quick to pick as berries release easily from the loose clusters. A strong growing shrub, bushes grow 4-8’ tall.

Duke: Early. Known to be reliable and productive, this very popular variety produces plentiful crops of large, firm, tangy but sweet, powder-blue fruit. When mature, one bush can produce up to 20 pounds of berries! One of the leading commercial varieties. Grows 5-6 feet tall.

Earliblue: Very early. Large, light blue fruit with excellent flavor is among the first to ripen. This tall, erect shrub grows 5-6’ tall with bright red stems and large, glossy green leaves.

Elliott: Very Late. Enjoy fresh berries clear through September! This variety yields sky blue berries which can be quite tart unless picked fully ripe. Bright burgundy colored stems accent the gray-green foliage. The late bloom period and heavy bud set warrants extra pruning but will assure gardeners bountiful crops of larger fruit.

Hardyblue: Midseason. Known for its superior flavored, exceptionally sweet berries. Adaptable to many soil types including clay soils, but it is beneficial to add plenty of compost when planting. This 4-6’ tall, upright vigorous bush yields heavy crops of medium sized, dark blue fruit that are great for baking.

Jersey: Late season. The plump medium blue fruit is large, sweet and juicy. A great variety for both fresh eating and freezing, its nickname is Baker’s Favorite. One of the oldest and most dependable varieties, the shrub grows upright to 6’+ and is a long lived productive addition to the landscape. Orange-red flame fall foliage.

Legacy: Late. Vigorous, evergreen shrub reaching 6 feet tall and spreading a bit wider. This variety is referred to as the ‘Gold Bush’ due to its heavy production. The berries are medium-large, light blue with an excellent robust flavor.

Liberty: Late. The berries are very flavorful, sky blue in color, firm and slightly flattened. Big crops can be enjoyed during early growing years. A consistent bearer in colder climates, this variety will take fluctuating spring and fall temperatures without flower bud damage. Grows 4-6’ tall and wide. A cross between Brigatta X Elliot, displaying the best characteristics of both.

Northblue: Midseason. Produces 3-7 pounds of large, excellent quality berries per mature bush that are great for baking and fresh eating. Flavor of wild mountain blueberries. Plant height only reaches about 2-3 feet high and wide. Very cold hardy.

Northcountry: Early to mid season. This variety has a compact growth habit reaching to about 2 feet high and 3 feet wide with dark green foliage. Produces medium sized fruit with an appealing sweet, “wild” blueberry flavor.

Northland: Early to mid season. One of the most cold-hardy varieties grown. Matures to a compact 4 feet high and wide bush. Produces up to 20 pounds of berries per bush of medium sized, sweet dark-blue fruit, perfect for jams and baking. Easy to grow and adaptable to many soil types.

Northsky: Midseason. This cold hardy bush grows to a low compact mound about 12-18 inches tall and 2-3 feet wide. Takes off in spring covered in snow-white blooms which turn to small, sky blue, wild flavored berries. Particularly well suited for container growing, borders, or group plantings in the landscape.

Patriot: Early. This low growing, spreading bush reaches about 4 feet tall and produces between 10 and 20 pounds of large, dark blue, highly flavored berries at maturity. Performs well in many soil types including wetter soils.

Polaris: Early. Cold hardy and early ripening, this is a very aromatic and sweet blueberry. Compact grower, 3-4’high and wide. For best pollination and fruit set plant with other cold hardy blueberries like Chippewa or Northblue.

Reka: Early. Developed in New Zealand, Reka is a vigorous growing variety to 5’high, adapting well to a wide range of soil types. The bountiful yields of early ripening fruit are medium sized, sweet and crisp.

Rubel: Mid-Late. A true wild Highbush blueberry, Rubel has remained popular since early 1900’s due to its full-flavored small berries that are perfect for baking and pies. Rubel is one of the highest antioxidant levels of all blueberries. Very cold hardy and a consistent bearer. Upright grower 4’-5’.

Spartan: Early. Spartan is one of the most attractive, easy to pick and best flavored blueberry varieties for home growers. The large berries are tangy sweet in taste. Upright grower 4’-5’

Top Hat: Midseason. A dwarf cultivar, growing to about 1 ˝ feet high and wide. Plentiful white blooms in spring give way to pea sized light blue berries. This blueberry is perfect for defined border plantings or growing in pots.

Toro: Midseason. Outstanding ornamental bush, producing full, heavy clusters of giant, sky blue berries of sweet blueberry flavor. The flowers turn from hot pink to bright white, contrasting with the bronze colored spring foliage. Deep green summer foliage turns to blazing red in the fall. Upright 4’5’ tall.

Evergreen Huckleberry ‘Native Star’: Tasty wild huckleberries in your own garden! Huckleberry fruit tastes best when allowed to go through the first frost before picking. The handsome evergreen foliage makes this plant a great addition to the landscape. The shrubs do best in part sun to shade, but produces the most fruit in sunny sites.

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