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  Pink Lemonade Blueberry      

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

Blueberries are fantastic for the home gardener. They are a delicious and nutritious fruit, and they can compete head to head with many ornamental shrubs in their ability to add multiple seasons of interest to your landscape.
Blueberries are also one the easiest edible plants to grow, and they just love our acidic Northwest soils.

At the Plant Farm at Smokey Point we seasonally carry almost 30 different varieties, so you can imagine our excitement when we learned that there was a new variety of blueberry, called 'Pink Lemonade'.

'Pink Lemonade', Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade', is an amazing, unique blueberry - or should we say "pinkberry". First of its kind, the berries ripens mid-late to late-season, with moderate yields of medium-sized, glossy, bright pink fruit.

So what does a pink blueberry taste like? 'Pink Lemonade' berry is said to have a mild pleasant flavor and good firmness. Can you imagine what your blueberry pies could look like this summer? Or a season fruit salad topped with pink blueberries?

Like other blueberries, 'Pink Lemonade' offers four seasons of interest to your garden and landscape. In spring, when the leaves return it hosts tiny pinkish-white, bell-shaped flowers. The flowers give way to the fruit that is pale green at first, then dappled pink, and finally turn to deep pink on ripening. In the fall, beautiful bright orange foliage fades to deep red fall, making this shrub a great choice for a colorful autumn garden. Wintertime twigs are a dusky reddish-brown.

Wouldn't summer be made a little more fun this year, topped with a few brightly colored 'Pink Lemonade' blueberries?

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