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  Fruit Trees: Nuts

"Sometimes you feel like a nut…" Filberts are high in vitamins A and E, and are a good source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Filberts need another filbert variety for cross-pollination. Walnuts are self-fertile, but produce nuts at a younger age if you plant a second variety.

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Almond All-In-One-Almond
This almond is self-fertile, soft shelled and sweet. An almond that produces in the Pacific NW!  Genetically semi-dwarf 12-15’. Pick nuts Sept.-Oct.
Butler Filbert
Oval nuts with good flavor. Ripens late September-mid October. Pollinated by any other filbert. To 20’.
Butler Filbert
Du Chilly Filbert Du Chilly Filbert
Slower growing with large long nuts of high quality. Ripens late September-mid October. Pollinated by any other filbert. To 18’.
Ennis Filbert
Ennis develops some of the largest nuts of the filberts. Large crops are produced of the tasty hazelnuts. Filbert trees make attractive additions to the landscape!
Ennis Filbert
Gamma Filbert Gamma Filbert
This is a great new variety of Filbert that bears good sized crops of medium-size rich tasty nuts.
Yamhill Filbert
A new introduction from OSU, this Filbert is highly productive with large sized nuts that are wonderfully tasty.
Yamhill Filbert
Carpathian English Walnut Carpathian English Walnut
Round, soft-shelled, high quality nuts on a very hardy tree. Ripens late September-mid October.
Cascade English Walnut
Large, excellent
 quality nuts with great flavor. Ripens late September-mid October. To 60’.
Cascade English Walnut
Black Walnut Black Walnut
Prized for the timber this large shade tree will produce crops of large tasty black walnuts. Self fertile.
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