What to Do in the Garden

If you're serious about gardening, then you know that there is ALWAYS something to do in the garden.  The question, often, is "what should I do first?"

The answers are contained in the 12 pages linked below.  Here, you'll find a month-by-month guide of what-to-do-when, with solid, timely advice and encouragement to take your love of gardening to the next level. 

At the top of each month, you will find shortcuts to four sections: Planning: It's always easier to reach a goal when you have one!  We'll help you create a monthly strategy that's tailored to your garden's needs and wants.  Planting: An item-by-item list of what plants are ready to hit the soil for that month, based on availability, weather conditions and growing season.  Tasks, Maintenance and Clean Up: Everybody's favorite!  All the things we put off, but we know need to be done.  Do one of these every few days, and you'll always be ahead in the garden.  Vegetable Garden: What you should plant and what you should watch out for, to make your veggies the envy of the neighborhood.

As with any guide, there are always situations where you could use a little extra help.  If you have a question or need more advice, come out to The Plant Farm and we'll show you what to do.  Or, contact us by phone or e-mail.  We'll be happy to help.  Good luck!


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